“She’s not quite right”

Wonderful story about a woman who loves her horse!!

Oh, Cholula

 I feel like I am turning into one of those owners that I can’t stand (and more importantly, drives my mostly retired vet, who lives in Minnesota yet continues to hear from me, crazy).

The owners I speak of automatically assume that there is something physically wrong with their horse whenever a training problem arises. It’s never their training methods or how they ride or the fact that the horse is trying to tell you that if he has to do another solid 30 minutes of 20 meter circles he may kill you. There must be something wrong. He’s not quite right. It’s the saddle, he needs a supplement, he needs drugs.

I am usually on the other end of the spectrum. It’s almost always a training issue. Cho isn’t moving off of my legs? Training issue. Cho objects to moving sideways? Training issue.

…But I’ve noticed that in spite…

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Back to it.

Wonderful story, well-written too!

Oh, Cholula


I’ve just returned from a trip to the tundra of Minnesota, which was largely perfect other than there being a distinct lack of Choface for the week. After 2 months of being on our own, I daydreamed about being able to bring her with so I could have a “check up” lesson with Kt. Sadly, horses are not terribly portable, so a daydream that remains.

There have been a few major turning points in moving Cholula to a barn where I am riding by myself most of the time.

1. Not only am I capable of riding and exercising Cho,  I am capable of improving her and continuing her training.

I really am in a place where riding with occasional instruction is ok (not ideal, but not the end of the world). Cholula has honestly improved in all things in the past 2 months, from her lateral work to…

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